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Veterans Tax Guide Comparisons

I’m contacting you because I want to share with you a resource that I think would be useful to the Veterans in your community. As you know, many disabled Vets are eligible for tax exemptions and with tax season just around the corner, it’s time for people to start thinking about how they want to handle the filing of their taxes. Online filing has become increasing popular and many families will ask which tax service should they use. Because of this question, my team and I have worked hard to develop a resource to help families choose which tax service is best for them and their family. Our completely free and comprehensive guide features expert reviews, detailed comparisons, and data-driven ratings – saving Veterans and their families both time and effort in an otherwise time-intensive and blind decision process.

Our guide has been used by several libraries and organizations across the US. Here are a few examples:

The Conservation Tax Center – – listed on the left side bar as “Online Tax Software”
The Danville Public Library – – listed as “Reviews of online tax software”
The St. Croix Falls Public Library – – listed as “Compare online tax preparation software with”

The quality and depth of our work is evident as you look through our resource. My team, which is comprised of researchers and industry experts, dedicated hundreds of hours examining and evaluating different online tax services. Based on a number of data points, we were able to narrow a huge list down leaving us with 6 standout online tax services. Industry expert Andrew Poulos and our research team conducted a thorough review of each of those options, evaluating 60 different features. The end result was a data-driven, non-biased rating for each of those online tax services. All of which is free and accessible to everyone.

You can find our guide here:

I hope you find our resource useful. Would you consider linking to our work from your site? We would love to see this guide listed on your site. You would be providing Veterans and their families with a very comprehensive resource that will help them save a lot of time and effort.

Thanks for the consideration,


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