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FRA 367 Mail List: Clark Veterans Cemetery Update


Although Legislation directing the American Battle Monuments Commission to assume responsibility for the Clark Veterans Cemetery was signed into law over six months ago, we have had no indication of their plans for the Cemetery. Our attempts to coordinate a smooth transition have been rebuffed, and we have been very pointedly excluded from any discussions or deliberations regarding the future of the Cemetery. Recall that ABMC resisted taking responsibility for the Cemetery for many years, and it appears that their position is unchanged.

The practical effect has been that we continue to maintain the Cemetery, but our fundraising has been much reduced due to the publicity surrounding the illusory “ABMC takeover”. Supporting the Cemetery from Post resources can only continue for a limited period without detriment to other VFW Post 2485 programs. I would ask you to assist in two ways:

  • Continue donations, and encourage others to do so, allowing us to maintain the Cemetery through this transition period.
  • Contact the American Battle Monuments Commission, by letter or email, and encourage them to support the spirit of the legislation through action. Addresses below:

American Battle Monuments Commission
Courthouse Plaza II, suite 500
2300 Clarendon Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201


Additionally, I would ask that you disseminate this message widely to those interested in the future of “America’a Forgotten Veterans Cemetery”.

Your continuing support is greatly appreciated.


John H. Gilbert, Ed.D.
1SG, USA (Ret)
Commander, VFW Post 2485
Chairman, Clark Veterans Cemetery

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