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CP1 Meeting

When: Monday, November 12, 2018 at 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Where:  Sato’s Clubhouse Upper Session Road


A big hello to all our China Post 1 members here in Baguio and around the globe. The time of year has arrived where many of our members will be in town starting in October, and usually running thru the Christmas Season. We have scheduled a CP1 meeting for Monday, Nov. 12, 230pm at our new watering hole (Sato’s Clubhouse) located on Upper session Road, just before Casa Vallejo.

Many items on the docket for us to discuss and review for the post. I’m very excited for all of our members to visit our new watering hole. It’s been constructed in a fashion in which I think all of you will be very pleased.

Don’t forget it’s also the time of year where we need to pay or collect dues 2019 dues. Those of you who are Vets or Sons of American Legion members can pay online, or I can help you at the meeting. Allied members dues are still only 1k in pesos and that can be collected at the meeting. If you know of any potential members or former members who would like to join, please let me know, or invite them to the meeting. Please remember our CP1 emails go out only to our members, so any former members do not receive these emails, so please spread the word of the meeting if you see any former members who would like to rejoin.

Very much looking forward to seeing all of you. It’s been a fantastic year for charitable donations made by our post, and we all should feel very proud. See all of you soon. Safe travels.

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