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22 Nov 2013 Atsugi AB JP* 0800 UNK
22 Nov 2013 Kadena AB Oki * 0800 UNK
23 Nov 2013 Futenma MCAS Oki * 1100 UNK
23 Nov 2013 Yokota AB Oki * 1200 UNK
24 Nov 2013 Kadena AB Oki * 0630 UNK
24 Nov 2013 Atsugi AB JP* 1100 UNK
25 Nov 2013 Futenma MCAS Oki * 1100 UNK
26 Nov 2013 Kadena AB Oki * 0800 UNK
26 Nov 2013 Andersen AFB Guam * 0700 UNK
26 Nov 2013 Kadena AB Oki * 0800 UNK
27 Nov 2013 Yokota AB Oki * 1000 UNK
27 Nov 2013 Kadena AB Oki * 1200 UNK

(1) Sign up for outgoing flights from the Philippines is by phone ONLY to AMC Clark 045-499-7279 or 0920-970-5030 (no text) during normal duty hours 0730-1630 hrs M-F.
(2) All flight information is subject to change without notice.
(3) Space A processing and arrival/departure is conducted at the Haribon Passenger Terminal, Air Force City, Clark Field Philippines
(4) Once selected for flight, passengers MUST take a copy of the manifest to the immigration office to be stamped out of the Philippines. Failure to meet this requirement will result in your removal from the flight.
(5) Please call for Baggage limits on (*) flights… flights are normally limited to 30lbs checked bags plus one 10 lb carry-on
(6) MCAS Iwakuni JP & NAF Atsugi JP travel is limited to persons assigned to Japan on Status of Forces Agreement status.
(7) JUSMAG/AMC CONTACT: 045-499-7279 or 0920-970-5030. Best time to check on flights/seats availability is 1700 daily. Call a couple days before you are ready to travel. No text. This will allow the called facility to answer all your questions and serve more customers in less time.

Additional Info:
a) Yokota Air Base Space “A” information: E-mail To make a reservation:
b) Kadena Air Base Space “A” information: E-mail:
c) To download an interactive AMC Form 140 go to Complete online and print. With the exception of the Philippines you can fax it (list of Fax numbers provided on the website) or scan it and email it to your desired Space-A departure point. Be sure to verify that it was received and that you are on the roster!
[Source: Jim Boyd, RAO Angeles City msg 21 Nov 2013 ++]

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