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Alpine Awards Donates $25.00 to China Post 1, Baguio City, Philippines.


I had the singular great pleasure to announce at our January 24 meeting here in Baguio City that our NLAB School for blind children will have the gift of JAWS Screen Reading Software added to the new computer center that China Post 1-Philippines and the MOC PUP Tent 7 of the VFW have set up at the NLAB Admin Area.

After many long months of negotiations that got kick started by a referral by Bruce Silverman of Allied Web Services to one Jeremiah Taylor in the USA. Jeremiah is a business man and consultant who was blinded by an automobile accident years ago. He tirelessly worked with me to secure an “in” with Freedom Scientific Software who are the developers of JAWS software for the blind. Jeremiah persistently sought out officers and “higher ups” at Freedom Scientific and finally got word that the multi user license needed for the NLAB was a WHOPPING $3,030.00 for the license and another $600.00 for the Software Maintenance package.

With that very discouraging news, I put together a portfolio of documentation and photos and forwarded that with a personal plea for relief of such a huge amount required for the software.

Another “saint” from America, Phyllis Bradbury contact the local Lions clubs to assist us in getting donations for this software!!
After more months of “begging” and presentations and letters, We finally prevailed and last week I ordered the full professional version multi user license and maintenance package to be presented and installed Feb. 14 at the NLAB School.

Thanks to those who worked so hard to get donations and gifts to achieve this IMPOSSIBLE goal that will give our kids a real opportunity to merge into the digital age of communication, education and socialization.

God bless our Kids…our supporters and my brothers and sisters of the American Legion and the Military Order of the Cootie!!!!

In Comradeship and Service
J D Keller
China Post 1,The American Legion- Philippines